Washington State 4-H Hippology Rules


What is Hippology? - Hippology is a Greek word, with the word root "hippo" meaning horse and "ology" meaning the study of.

The primary objectives of the Hippology Contest are to provide, in a friendly but competitive setting:

Contestants and Eligibility

Reference Materials
All the information covered in this contest must be found in one or more of the following publications.


The Contest

Individual Scores

The individual score will be the sum of the written exam, identification, judging and individual problem solving.

Team Scores

The team score will be the sum of the top three individual on the team (drop the lowest score for teams with four members) plus the Team Problem Solving Score.

Tie Breaking
All ties overall, individual and team, will be broken using the following sequence:

The top ten (10) overall individual scores, per senior and intermediate divisions, will be awarded rosettes.  In addition, the top three individuals will be awarded medals, gold for top score, silver for second, and bronze for third.

The top ten individuals in each phase will be announced but no awards will be presented.

Each member of the top five (5) teams, per senior and intermediate division, will be recognized with rosette ribbons. 


Adopted December 2011




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