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4-H Tuesday News

January 20, 2009
WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

In this issue. . .

  • County Teen Representative Training
  • 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training at Panhandle 4-H Camp
  • State 4-H Fair 2009 Equine Schedule
  • State 4-H Fair 2009 Livestock Schedule
  • YMCA Earth Service Corps Environmental Symposium
  • Extension Working with Volunteers
  • Washington State Latino Student Achievement Gap Study
  • WSU Center for Civic Engagement E-News, Call for Internships
  • Girl Scout Executive Vacancy - Chief Program Officer of Western Washington Council
  • Eddy Mentzer assuming responsibilities of 4-H Military Partnership Coordinator


County Teen Representative Training
--Jan Klein

The Eastside County Teen Representative Training has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 31 from 9am-4pm, cost: $10.  We must have 15 youth to hold this training and right now I only have 9 signed up. I would appreciate names and email addresses for any interested youth and/or adults, who have not yet contacted me, by Wednesday, January 28.

For more information about the County Teen Representative program, go to: or contact Jan Klein at:

4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training at Panhandle 4-H Camp
--Janet Schmidt

Hold the dates of February 27, 28 and March 1, 2009, for 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training at Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp.  Disciplines offered at the training will include shotgun, pistol and archery.  Archery and pistol will be held onsite and shotgun will be held nearby at a local gun club.   The registration fee for the training is $75 and includes lodging and all but one meal.  Archery registration with NAA Level 1 Certification is $95.  Registrations are requested by February 23.

information and registration

State 4-H Fair 2009 Equine Schedule
--Tom Gwin

The 2009 Equine Schedule for the WA State 4-H Fair will be:

One senior performance section has been eliminated as we can no longer fill two sections.

The harness section is being reinstated and combined with the dressage section.  This will allow for growth in this section and will be held over the middle weekend of the fair.

Tentative allocations for all sections are being determined and will be announced this spring.

State 4-H Fair 2009 Livestock Schedule
--Tom Gwin

The outbreak of MCF in cattle at the 2008 Western Washington Fair has necessitated changes in the livestock schedules at the 2008 fair.  Following a meeting of open class, FFA, and 4-H representatives, the following schedule will be utilized for our 4-H exhibitors at the 2009 WA State 4-H Fair:

We are currently working out barn assignments and show schedules.  Those items will be included in the premium book, available online in May.

Other show schedules will be announced in the near future.

YMCA Earth Service Corps Environmental Symposium
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

The Theme of the Symposia is Modern Day Urban Sustainability.   Friday, March 6 is the High School Symposium and Saturday, March 7 is the Middle School Symposium.  They both run from 8:45am to 2:30pm. They are both held at the UW Mary Gates Hall and we have three options of treks to either Green Homes around the area, a p-patch, or a tour of the Union Bay Natural Area.  The workshops are 50 minutes long and lunch is provided. 

more information and to register

Extension Working with Volunteers
--Ann Hennings, interim part-time facilitator State 4-H Volunteer Development

Here's a book I think gives valuable pause for rethinking the way we treat volunteer management. Thomas McKee's The New Breed Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer (2008) should be required reading for all those in extension who try to recruit and develop volunteers! (Horizons Community Coaches, 4-H, Master Gardeners, Fairboards, and other community programs)

This is fascinating reading. It compels me to think we must go about our work with community volunteers differently or we'll be wondering “why people aren't as committed as they used to be”; “what's wrong with young people?”; “why are people too busy?”; why can't I get volunteers to training?.

The text points out a seismic shift in volunteer availability and the volunteer spirit. McKee explores the trends catalyzing a new type of volunteer, from a flood of retiring boomers (highly skilled and professional), flex work schedules, shifting families equipped with technology, to a generation “x” valuing individualism.

When you go to his website,, he has a free “ezine” called Volunteer News. It is a fantastic resource for short useful tips on a monthly e-mail basis. Particularly, look at his list of recent articles. And, click on the resources tab. You'll find templates for job descriptions (called charters) and code of conduct for board members, tips to manage virtual volunteering, etc.

Washington State Latino Student Achievement Gap Study
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature and Governor Gregoire approved ESHB 2687, a bill that calls for studies to be conducted on the academic achievement gap as it pertains to students of color. The Commission on Hispanic Affairs partnered with researchers from the University of Washington's College of Education to examine the achievement gap as well as the likely causes for such disparities in achievement for Latino students.

This report, "Understanding Opportunities to Learn for Latino Students in Washington State," contains four sections:

The Latino report is now available at:

WSU Center for Civic Engagement E-News, Call for Internships
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

The WSU Center for Civic Engagement is looking for internship opportunities for WSU students! The search for spring and summer internships is gearing up as many students will begin to explore existing opportunities at the start of the new semester.  

For more information visit:

Girl Scout Executive Vacancy - Chief Program Officer of Western Washington Council
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

This position is for a chief program officer for the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, to provide leadership for outreach and service to girls in the western half of Washington.  This position will be located in DuPont, Wash. Compensation is in the area of $70s-80s or better.

This position requires a record of bringing excellence to organizations in areas where community relations, program management, marketing, as well as facilities management have been components of the job.  Girl Scouting is bringing a high capacity model of services to deliver even more leadership opportunities to girls in this region.  The individual selected will play a key role in this process.

The complete vacancy announcement can be accessed online at:

Eddy Mentzer assuming responsibilities of 4-H Military Partnership Coordinator
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

I am pleased to announce that Eddy Mentzer, Program Specialist at National 4-H Headquarters, will be assuming the responsibilities of 4-H Military Partnership Coordinator effective immediately.  If you have any questions in regards to the 4-H Military partnerships, please feel free to contact Eddy at:


Just a Reminder!

When you have new Extension staff that will be working in some capacity with 4-H, please let Nancy in the State 4-H Office know. They will be added to mailing lists, added to the 4-H Talk list serve, sent a 4-H Welcome Packet, and be assigned a state 4-H staff person as a point of contact, as appropriate. 4-H News is sent via the 4-H Talk list serve each week. Archived copies of previous weeks “Tuesday 4-H News” are available on the 4-H web site: Please send submissions by Friday of each week to Tiffany Boswell, State 4-H Office, Detailed event information and registrations forms can be found on the 4-H web site.

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