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4-H Tuesday News

January 27, 2009
WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

In this issue. . .

  • ‘07-‘08 4-H Year Statistics Available
  • Shooting Sports Trainings
    • Shotgun, January 30-February 1
    • Shotgun, Archery and Pistol, February 27-March 1
    • Archery, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Hunting, April 17-19
  • Outstanding Clothing/Textile Leader Training Opportunity
  • State 4-H Hippology Contest Information and Registration
  • Dairy Project Information
  • Western Regional 4-H Leader's Forum Update (WRLF)
  • National Extension Conference on Volunteerism - Registration Open!


‘07-‘08 4-H Year Statistics Available
--Nancy Mordhorst

The statistical reports for the ‘07-‘08 4-H year have been completed. A variety of reports are posted online at:  Take a look at the state and county statistics. If you would like a copy of the State ES237 Report, it is available from the State 4-H Office, WSU Pullman. Also, if you need help generating reports or exporting data in your county, feel free to give me a call, at 509-335-2981 or email  

Shotgun Shooting Sports Training
--Gary Varrella

The Spokane County 4-H and Shooting Sports Program is sponsoring a winter Eastside training for those interested in becoming Shotgun Shooting Sports Leaders. The program will begin Friday, January 30, at 6:00 pm and will end on Sunday, February 1, at noon. This program will be taught by national shooting sports trainer Mel Finnel. All participants will receive CDs of the recently revised curriculum and corresponding PowerPoints (created by Mel) upon successful completion of the program.

The registration and information form is posted on the state 4-H Shooting Sports website:  The fee is $45 pre-registration and $60 on-site.

For information contact Gary Varrella, Spokane County 4-H Educator, at: 509-477-2163 or or Michelle Weitman, Spokane County 4-H Staff, at: 509-477-2163 or

Shooting Sports Training in Western Washington
--Janet Schmidt

In Western Washington, 4-H Shooting Sports Training is scheduled for February 27-28 and March 1 at Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp.  The disciplines offered will include shotgun, archery and pistol.  The fee is $75 per person with an additional $20 for NAA Level 1 for Archery.  The registration fee includes lodging at the camp and all but Saturday dinner.  A local 4-H group will offer Saturday night dinner on-site for a nominal fee.  Archery and Pistol range instruction will be at the camp and the Shotgun range instruction will be offered off-site at the Evergreen Sportsmen Club.

The registration and information form is posted on the state 4-H Shooting Sports website:

Shooting Sports Training in Republic
--Janet Schmidt

Thanks to Emily Burt and WSU Ferry County Extension for hosting 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training April 17-19, in Republic, WA.  This training will feature archery, pistol, rifle, shotgun and hunting.   The fee for the training is $50 per person and requested by April 10.  Archery with NAA Level 1 certification is an additional $20.  This is the first time this year that the hunting discipline has been offered so this is a great opportunity to become certified in this discipline!  Please share this information with volunteers in your 4-H club.  This is the last shooting sports training scheduled for the year.  Don't miss out on this training opportunity! 

The registration and information form is posted on the state 4-H Shooting Sports website:  For more information on the training contact Emily Burt at: or Janet Schmidt at:

Outstanding Clothing/Textile Leader Training Opportunity
--Nancy Mordhorst

Need some inspiration for your 4-H Clothing/Textile project leaders?  Washington is the host for the largest gathering of professionals and enthusiasts in the sewing world. The 2009 Sewing & Stitchery Expo is taking place February 26-March 1 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. It is packed with outstanding workshops presented by professionals in the field, style shows and exhibits. The cost is very affordable. Participants may attend a few sessions, or enjoy the whole event. Encourage a group to attend from your county. Brochures are available at most fabric stores, or visit the Expo website for details at:

State 4-H Hippology Contest Information & Registration
--Nancy Mordhorst (for Jerry Newman)

The State 4-H Hippology Contest is on the calendar for Saturday, May 2, in Snohomish. The event will be held at the Graystone Stables and Equestrian Center, beginning with registration at 8:30 am. A packet containing contest details, driving directions and registration has been sent to county hippology coaches. This information is also available at:  Please direct any questions to cheryl mendenhall at: 425-760-7520 or

Dairy Project Information

The 2009 Dairy project youth events calendar is now available online at:

A few upcoming dates to keep in mind are:

For other important event and deadline dates, be sure to refer to the calendar online.

Western Regional 4-H Leader's Forum Update (WRLF)
--Pat BoyEs

We have some good news from the hotel in Denver– they will maintain the discounted room rate for WRLF participants until the hotel sells out or the Forum begins, whichever comes first. We'd like to remind people that the rate is extended three days ahead of, and after, WRLF.

You can remind people that the Early Bird rate will be extended to the beginning of Forum for everyone paying by check.

Just a note for those of you planning ahead – if people use a credit card, there is a percentage (3 – 5%) taken off the top for processing fees. Those who use an affinity card (Mileage Plus, etc.) have an additional percentage taken off.

To find out more about the Western Regional 4-H Leader's Forum Update go to:

National Extension Conference on Volunteerism - Registration Open!
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

The planning team for the 2009 National Extension Conference on Volunteerism is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the April 27-30 conference to be held at the General Butler State Resort Park in Carrollton, Kentucky.  The program includes nationally known speakers, innovative workshops presented by your Extension colleagues, and networking time to learn about best-practices, successful programs, and more!  We are pleased that workshop topics offer opportunities for all Extension and partners to participate and gain new knowledge and skills.

We encourage you to check out the conference page, registration information, and workshops at:

Should you have any general questions about the educational program or volunteerism in general, please feel free to contact Sheri Seibold at:, Sue Pleskac at: or Ryan Schmiesing at: For specific questions about registration, please see the contact information on the website!

Please keep in mind that out-of-state travel restrictions are still in place. If you have had a paper/presentation accepted for this conference or if you have non-state travel funds available you may still be able to attend. If you are interested in attending I urge you to contact your county director, secure their support and then approach your district director. I can personally endorse the quality of this conference.


Just a Reminder!

When you have new Extension staff that will be working in some capacity with 4-H, please let Nancy in the State 4-H Office know. They will be added to mailing lists, added to the 4-H Talk list serve, sent a 4-H Welcome Packet, and be assigned a state 4-H staff person as a point of contact, as appropriate. 4-H News is sent via the 4-H Talk list serve each week. Archived copies of previous weeks “Tuesday 4-H News” are available on the 4-H web site: Please send submissions by Friday of each week to Tiffany Boswell, State 4-H Office, Detailed event information and registrations forms can be found on the 4-H web site.

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