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April 21, 2009
WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

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  • Forum Workshop Proposals Due Friday
  • Teen Conference Workshops Announced
  • Final Week of the National 4-H Curriculum Pre-Press Sale
  • Statewide Study of 4-H Horse Leaders and Members
  • 4-H Sponsorship of Open Horse Shows
  • Brower Youth Awards
  • National 4-H Youth Conference Center's 50th Anniversary
  • New Searchable Website of Assessment Tools for Informal Science Learning PEAR (Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency), Belmont, MA


Forum Workshop Proposals Due Friday
--Kevin Wright

State 4-H Forum Workshop Proposals due Friday, May 1 . The 2009 State 4-H Forum will be held October 16-18 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound.  You will find the Call for Workshop Proposals description and response form at: .  Please share these 2 pages with 4-H volunteers, faculty/staff, administrators and youth who are interested in providing quality educational workshops at this year's State 4-H Forum. Contact Tony Dell at: if you have questions.

Teen Conference Workshops Announced
--Jan Klein

This year we have another great line up of workshops! Take a look, but don't stop reading until you've read all the titles and descriptions.  There will be over 30 workshops focusing on educational choices, career options and life skills. PLEASE share these with your county youth and their parents! These workshops will cover the topics the youth had the most frequent questions about in regards to their future. This is the key to recruit them!

You will find the workshops on the 2009 4-H Teen Conference homepage at:

Final Week of the National 4-H Curriculum Pre-Press Sale
--Nancy Mordhorst 

Don't forget to place your order for National 4-H Curriculum for savings of 35% or more. The pre-press ordering deadline is April 25.  

All Washington orders received from clubs, home schools, state 4-H offices, counties, camps, other youth organizations, schools, afterschool programs, and individuals qualify.  Orders will be accepted by phone, email, or fax.  The 2008 National 4-H Curriculum Product Catalog and additional pre-press information is available at:

Phone: 301-961-2934
Fax: 301-961-2937
Payment may be by credit card, check, or purchase order. Orders will be shipped, as they are available, no later than August. If you have ordering questions contact National 4-H Supply Service at: 301-961-2934.

Statewide Study of 4-H Horse Leaders and Members
--Jennifer Leach

The Washington 4-H program, in partnership with the Oregon 4-H program, is conducting a statewide study of 4-H horse leaders and members.

Horse leaders and members 8 th grade and older, randomly selected and stratified by county, will be invited to participate in this study. This is one of the first research projects in the country to look at the impact on youth who participate in the 4-H horse program.

The principal investigator/researcher is Dr. Mary Arnold, Associate Professor and 4-H Youth Development Specialist in Program Planning and Evaluation for Oregon State University 4-H youth program.

The results of this study will be groundbreaking in 4-H, as the highest enrollment in the Washington 4-H is the horse program.

And for this large scale research project to be successful…we need your help in promoting the study.

We are aiming for 1,000 4-H leaders and 700 4-H horse members in Washington State to participate. The survey is quite detailed and takes about 30 minutes to complete. This will help us gain in-depth understanding of the 4-H horse program ranging from feelings/attitudes about competition and conflict to principles of positive youth development (Tufts Study) to healthy pro-social behaviors (similar to Washington's Healthy Youth Survey).

The selected leaders will be receiving an invitation to participate by e-mail and then will be able to get the link to the on-line survey as identified in the “e-mail invitation”. So please alert your 4-H horse leaders that they may be receiving an invitation to participate.

For the 4-H horse members….to participate…..this is where we really need your support and promotion. The parents of the selected 4-H horse members will receive by mail, a parental consent form in order for their youth to participate. Consent forms with a stamped return envelope will be sent by Dr. Arnold from OSU and returned to her. The parental consent is the most critical aspect of the success of reaching our goal of 700 Washington 4-H horse members to take the survey! Once the parental consent form is received…then the 4-H horse member will be sent the survey either by e-mail or mail.

The study will occur between mid-April and will conclude on June 15.

Once the study is complete, Dr. Arnold will analyze the data and produce a statewide report for us, at which time we will share with all of you. In addition, the participating counties will be acknowledged in this statewide report.

If you would like a copy of the 4-H leader survey and/or 4-H member survey, please contact me by e-mail and then I can send it to you electronically for your review, but not for dissemination.

If you have specific questions about the research study and survey questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Mary Arnold at: or 541-737-1315. If you have questions about the process for Washington State, please feel to contact Jennifer Leach at: or 360-577-3014 EXT. 4 or Pat BoyEs at: or 253-445-4589.

4-H Sponsorship of Open Horse Shows
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

The flowering of ornamental cherry trees and the de-fuzzing of hairy horses must mean that spring has arrived and with that arrival always come questions regarding the 4-H sponsorship of open horse shows. A 4-H Club hosting a horse show either as a schooling show exclusively for 4-H members or for fund raising purposes as an “open” horse show much follow 4-H policies. We insist that the 4-H name and emblem is associated with only the best practices in positive youth development including the health and safety of youth and animals as well as the best developmental opportunities for young people.

A 4-H Club can host a horse show exclusively for 4-H'ers, or for “open” youth or for “open” youth and adults. When a club is considering hosting a show they first of all need to determine their goals – in other words why are they interested in hosting the show? Is it to educate and give experience to current 4-H members, or perhaps attract new youth to the 4-H Program, or to raise money to support their 4-H Club efforts or some combinations of these goals.

Managing a 4-H schooling show that is an exclusively 4-H environment seldom raises questions.

However, sponsoring an open show frequently results in a number of questions. 4-H policies must be followed (at a minimum) including:

If 4-H policies are not followed for open horse shows, 4-H liability coverage, labor and industries coverage for volunteer injuries and American Income Life Accident Insurance will not be in force because an open show not in compliance of 4-H standards would not be considered a 4-H event. Therefore, 4-H has no oversight of these non-compliant open activities. Additionally, a 4-H club cannot manage the monies in support of a non-compliant open show nor use the non-profit 501 (C) 3 tax exempt status that 4-H enjoys. This is because the 4-H Club account has been created for the express purpose of supporting 4-H programming, therefore, cannot be used to manage funds from an open horse show that is not in compliance with 4-H policies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Leach at: or 360-577-3014 EXT. 4.

Brower Youth Awards
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

We're looking for nominations of powerful student/youth environmental leaders (ages 13-22) in North America for the Brower Youth Award. It's a great opportunity for activists to get cash, support, and recognition for their work – and take their efforts to the next level.

The Brower Youth Awards just launched the 2009 prize search for outstanding youth leaders. We're looking for individuals ages 13-22 with the power and persistence to create environmental change.

The Brower Youth Awards honors six young people annually with a $3000 cash award and weeklong trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. During that week, award recipients will participate in a week of media and public outreach and be recognized at an awards ceremony attended by 900 members of the public.

Our honorees have protected Native sacred sites from development, restored wetlands, spread awareness about threatened sea turtles, coordinated student networks pushing for a clean energy future, and much, much more. Their impact doesn't stop there. They continue as environmental change agents, writers, organizers, visionaries, and speakers, supported by Earth Island Institute's New Leaders Initiative. Past winners have gone on to speak at Bioneers -- like Erica Fernandez 2007, launch their own groups -- like Rachel Barge 2007, and become Ashoka Fellows -- like Billy Parish 2004. Join them. Apply today for the 2009 Brower Youth Award at: Applications for the 2009 awards are due May 15.

National 4-H Youth Conference Center's 50th Anniversary
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

2009 marks National 4-H Youth Conference Center's 50th anniversary. From its opening in 1959, thanks to the dimes of 4-H clubs across the country, Center has grown to become not only your home in the nation's capital, but the premier youth facility in Washington, D.C.

To say "Happy Anniversary", we will be launching a special online fundraising campaign to help National 4-H Youth Conference Center and National 4-H Council better serve the 4-H movement, now and in the future. The campaign will kick off May 1, and will run through Center's anniversary on June 16th. Additional opportunities to give may also be offered beyond that point. We know that Center has a special place in the hearts of so many in our 4-H family, and we hope that this campaign will offer a unique opportunity for them to give back through a financial gift.

The campaign will be promoted largely through and the social networking site Facebook, Your participation will aid Council's efforts in not only connecting youth and adults but also exploring online technologies to advance 4-H's fundraising and outreach efforts . We look forward to sharing what we learn with you so that this experience can inform your own efforts. You will be receiving additional messages about the online campaign as we go live, but we wanted to make sure you were aware of it in advance. Should you have any questions, concerns or if you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact  Jen McIver at:

New Searchable Website of Assessment Tools for Informal Science Learning PEAR (Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency), Belmont, MA
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

A new resource designed to help practitioners, evaluators, researchers and policymakers select instruments to assess science learning and child outcomes in out-of-school programs is now available.  PEAR, a Harvard University-McLean Hospital team led by Dr. Gil Noam, has developed a searchable database of assessment tools for evaluating program quality and outcomes.

Afterschool programs are gaining recognition as settings that hold great potential for increasing scientific literacy and engagement in youth.  Yet some questions remain:  How do we know when afterschool programs achieve their goals?  What evaluative tools should we use when assessing afterschool science programs?  How can we be sure the evaluative tools we use are valid and reliable -- are they appropriately measuring science programming and outcomes?
Evaluating afterschool science programming is essential for ensuring and improving the quality of informal science experiences for youth.  Sites that assess science programming are also better positioned to gain additional resources and are more attractive to funders and potential partners.  The Noyce Foundation, a leading strategic funder in the afterschool science field, requisitioned a yearlong study on the current state and needs of the informal science assessment world. The design for the PEAR study is based on an evaluative framework developed in a recent National Science Foundation report by Alan J. Friedman, David A. Ucko and committee. The PEAR study yielded an in-depth, analytical review of existing evaluation tools.  Results are documented in a report " Toward a Systemic Evidence-Base for Science in Out-of-School Time: The Role of Assessment."  The new, searchable ATIS website makes information about these assessment tools easily accessible.
Come explore the website at:  Read reviews and ratings by practitioners who are using these tools.  You are also invited to write reviews on instruments that you are using.  The site will be continuously updated in collaboration with youth development researchers at 4-H.
For further information about this website, please contact us or visit


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