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4-H Tuesday News

May 5, 2009
WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

In this issue. . .

  • 2009 4-H Teen Conference- Breaking Barriers-Building Bridges
  • 4-H IRS Filing Requirements
  • 4-H Question of the Month!
  • 4-H Community Service to Australia
  • WRLF 2010 Workshop Proposals Wanted!
  • 4-H SET Video Challenge Goes Live
  • Happy Anniversary, National 4-H Youth Conference Center!
  • State-Level Differences in Child and Family Well-Being


2009 4-H Teen Conference- Breaking Barriers-Building Bridges
--Jan Klein

Registration will be open Wednesday, May 6 on the 2009 4-H Teen Conference webpage at: Items that you will find on the 4-H website at the start of registration will include:


For any questions please contact Jan Klein at: or 509-358-7937.

4-H IRS Filing Requirements
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

All chartered 4-H clubs and duly authorized eligible & qualified 4-H affiliated organizations must file the appropriate tax form on time.

Those with annual gross receipts of $25,000 or less:

990-N (e-Postcard) filing must be made by May 15, 2009 for the:

Those with annual gross receipts of more than $25,000.00:

Information You Will Need To File the 990-N (e-Postcard)

Web link to file the 990-N (e-Postcard)  

The 990-N (e-Postcard) is easy to complete. All you need is the following information about your organization.

Some groups will not be successful in filing a 990-N (ePostcard).  You may receive the following message:

“ERROR"  the employer identification number (EIN) ##-####### you entered was not found in the IRS list of organizations eligible to file the e-Postcard.  You may have entered the EIN incorrectly.  If so, please re-enter the EIN and try again.  If the EIN you entered is correct and you believe you are required to file the e-Postcard, call IRS Customer Account Services at 877-829-550 for assistance.”


4-H Question of the Month!
--Betsy Fradd

We are thrilled to announce a new feature on our WSU Extension 4-H website.  It's called the Question of the Month.  Five youth were asked “What Do You Like Most About 4-H?”  The objectives are to:  hear directly from youth what they enjoy about 4-H; get a good cross section of kids from across the state geographically; and keep the home page fresh.  Click on: and you'll see it on the right hand side.

I would love to have your input on youth you think would like to be contacted for future questions.  Thanks to Ann Fagerlie, Toni Gwin, Natalie Kinion, Gena Royal and Carol Beckman for their suggestions for youth for this month.  And, much appreciation to Joy Faerber for her great website skills. It takes a lot of folks to make this happen! 

Here's how the process works:  Once I hear from you with the name of a youth, their parent's/guardian's name(s), phone number and/or email, I will get in touch with the parent/guardian first to let them know what is going on and see if they'd like their child to take part.   If they would then I also ask them to email a photo to me.  We only identify youth by first name, age, and county.

If you have other ideas about future questions please let me know by emailing me at:  I've also been told it might be a great idea to have a question similar to this for volunteers so they can get some very well deserved recognition.  If you would like to pass volunteer's names and contact information to me that would be great as well!

4-H Community Service to Australia
--Pat BoyEs

You will recall the terrible range fires that raged across Australia in February this year. We have a number of 4-H'ers who will be traveling to Australia this summer to the very area devastated by fire. Over 200 people lost their lives and of course the property losses mounted in the billions. Part of the loss, was the loss of schools and school libraries. The 4-H'ers who are traveling to Australia this summer are collecting monies to purchase books in Melbourne from lists that the local schools provide. We are NOT doing a book drive because the cost of shipping books would be enormous but we are collecting money for books. Make your check payable to: IFYE Foundation and mail to: Lillian Larwood, 105 Ballard Hall, OSU, Corvallis,OR 97331-3608.


WRLF 2010 Workshop Proposals Wanted!
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

On behalf of the 2010 Western Regional 4-H Leaders' Forum Planning Committee I would like to remind you to submit a workshop proposal. The 2010 Leaders' Forum is being held in Albuquerque, NM March 11-14, 2010. You can help make this event a success by sharing your expertise and great ideas with others. Simply complete and submit the attached proposal form by June 1, 2009. Workshops should be appropriate for volunteers, staff and teens working with the 4-H Program.

Adult volunteers, Extension staff and teens are all welcome to submit proposals and have an equal opportunity to be chosen. You may submit proposals for multiple workshops as an individual or a team. Your input is invaluable. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in presenting at this event.

Proposals are due by June 1, 2009; Primary presenters (as named on the proposal form) will be contacted about the status of their proposal by July 20, 2009.  You may submit your proposal in any of the following ways:


All attendees of WRLF are required to pay their own registration fee and travel expenses.  A registration form will be available online at  Workshop presenters who are at WRLF only during their workshop and are not participating in any other part of WRLF do not need to register. If not attending the entire conference, day registration, including the meals, breaks, workshops and activities on that day will be available.

You can find more information on the event and proposal forms at: or go to: and click on “Details” under the WRLF 2010 Logo.

4-H SET Video Challenge Goes Live
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

Lights, Camera, Challenge!

National 4-H Council, National 4-H Headquarters, and University of Arizona 4-H Youth Development, invite all 4-H professionals, staff and volunteers to produce their own digital video for front-line educators and volunteers to better implement SET programs. The purpose of this contest is to build a vault of films to show great 4-H facilitation in practice. We seek films that will help others know what really great learning looks like in practice. As the saying goes--A picture is worth a thousand words.

We are looking for bold, creative, and exciting videos to help educate facilitators about how to implement SET, in particular The Power of the Wind.

On this web site, find out how to enter this unique contest and become rich and famous (well, maybe not right away). Go to:

STEP 1 - Create your own 3-5 minute video.
STEP 2 - Check out valuable resources for making your video including: The 4-H Filmmaking Studio & Workshop, located at:, an online space to find tools and resources about video production.
STEP 3 – Submit - Complete your entry form and release forms and submit your video between May 8 – June 19th.

Deadline for entry: June 19, 2009.

For more information contact Kirk Astroth – or Pam Garza –

Carey Roos would like to partner with any county who has an innovative program that would make a good topic for this contest. He has a new “quality” video camera that can be used.

Please feel free to call Carey at: or 253-445-4551 if you have any questions or ideas that you would want to enter into this contest.

Happy Anniversary, National 4-H Youth Conference Center!
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

$50 for 50th Anniversary Celebration! A campaign to honor the National 4-H Youth Conference Center

When was your first visit to the 4-H Center?  Did you come as a 4-H member to take a tour of our Nation's Capital, visiting the many historical landmarks or meet leaders who represented your hometown?  Or maybe was it more recently to attend a meeting where you stayed in a comfortable JCPenney room and dined at the Clover Café?  Undoubtedly it was a trip of a lifetime.  The National 4-H Youth Conference Center provides a similar experience for 30,000 youth each year.  And it has been doing so for the past 50 years since the doors first opened! 

Whether it was National 4-H Conference, NYLC, Citizenship Washington Focus, or another leadership program, the 4-H Center provided a safe, fun, and enriching environment for your time in Washington, D.C.  And the work that you started while here certainly continued when you returned home – to change your club, your community, your country, and your world!

Now is your chance to honor the 4-H Center with a much deserved anniversary gift – meaningful support that will allow 4-H to provide incredible programs for the next 50 years.  As a member of the 4-H community, whether you are a 4-H volunteer, staff or faculty member or partner, you embody the 4-H pledge. Will you make the same pledge to 4-H?

To show your support, please visit:

Should you have questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Jen McIver at:

State-Level Differences in Child and Family Well-Being
--Submitted by Pat BoyEs

Research studies based on national statistics for the United States as a whole have documented differences in child and family well-being between children in low-income and higher-income families and between children in single-parent and two-parent families.  However, researchers have not explored differences in well-being in these families at the state level because of a general lack of comparable state-level data.

Two new Child Trends research briefs examine child and family well-being in two states by analyzing data from the National Survey of Children's Health.  In addition to supplying national-level data, this survey offers select state-level data that is important to understanding the health and well-being of children and families in a particular state.

Disparities in Health and Access to Insurance in Washington State 

A new Child Trends brief, Children's Access to Health Insurance and Health Status in Washington State: Influential Factors, finds that most children in Washington State are healthy and are covered by health insurance, but children from lower-income and lower-education households are disproportionately uninsured and disproportionately rely on public insurance.  


Just a Reminder!

When you have new Extension staff that will be working in some capacity with 4-H, please let Nancy in the State 4-H Office know. They will be added to mailing lists, added to the 4-H Talk list serve, sent a 4-H Welcome Packet, and be assigned a state 4-H staff person as a point of contact, as appropriate. 4-H News is sent via the 4-H Talk list serve each week. Archived copies of previous weeks “Tuesday 4-H News” are available on the 4-H web site: Please send submissions by Friday of each week to Tiffany Boswell, State 4-H Office, Detailed event information and registrations forms can be found on the 4-H web site.

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