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Spotlight – Clark Counties

Marcia Wannamaker

WSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

 How long have you been at the county office?
Ten years.

Where did you grow up? 
Houston, Texas.

Favorite activities/interests:
Reading, Genealogy, Garage Sales, playing with grandchildren.

What do you enjoy most about working in 4-H?
I enjoy the youth and their families.  I watch them grow from little kids to wonderful young adults.  I was a 4-H Leader first before working in the office and got to know many members at the club level and have maintained ties. It is really great watching members grow up and become responsible adults. Many of the former 4-H’ers now have families of their own and cannot wait for their children to join the 4-H family. My own daughters were quite involved in the animal projects and plan on continuing with their children.  I love the way 4-H grows youth into friends and then into families extending across the nation and around the world.

How have you seen 4-H help youth as they develop and grow?
One area is in public speaking.  I cannot count the number of times I have heard a college age/on the job former 4-H member say "I am so thankful my mom had me do Public Presentations because it has helped me so much in college, job interviews, and on the job.”  The teacher will ask where they learn to do such good jobs on their presentations and the response is in 4-H. It makes the difference in close competition for grades or a job. 4-H shines through.

What else would be good to know?
4-H teaches life skills most youth will not get a chance to experience in other environments.  The chance to work beside and get to know others in their peer group up close and personal.  Working out frustrations, disagreements and misunderstandings with the guidance of caring adults, 4-H leaders, and 4-H staff.  To be able to share the joys and sadness of day to day living with 4-H friends.  Learning that each 4-H member can grow to "Make the Best Better.”

Marcia Wannamaker
WSU/Clark County Extension
4-H Assistant
Phone: 360-397-6060 x5730

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